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UAE Residency Visa & PRO Services

Obtaining a UAE Residency Visa — With the exception of UAE and GCC nationals, all other nationalities are required to obtain a UAE resident visa in order to legally reside and work in Dubai and the other emirates. For residency visa renewal and expansion, you must provide certain documentation, such as a valid passport, a residence permit, and proof of health insurance.

For many working ex-pats, their employer will sponsor them for a UAE residence visa. Alternatively, you can establish your own firm (Free zone or local LLC) and obtain the resident visa based on your status as the owner of the company.

A residency visa is also required to obtain a driver’s license, register a vehicle, apply for a PO Box, purchase real estate, create a bank account, etc. in the UAE.

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Steps Involved in Getting your UAE Residency Visa

  1. Applying for the Employment Entry Permit.

This is possible in two ways.

  • Applying for the Permit while in the United Arab Emirates
  • Applying for the Permit from outside the United Arab Emirates
  1.  Once the Entry Permit has been accepted and issued, the applicant must undergo a medical exam and apply for an Emirates ID. The original visa renewal application and paperwork along with the original passport must be given to the Immigration Department, which will check the documents and stamp the resident visa in the passport once the applicant has passed the medical exam and other requirements.

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(The Residency visa printed in the passport may be valid for two or three years, depending on the type of visa and the company’s jurisdiction (Free Zone Company OR Mainland Company through which it was applied)

Business owners face many obstacles when it comes time to expand visa or deal with government authorities. The aforementioned steps may appear to be simple and straightforward, but novices who attempt to complete them without adequate knowledge of the sub-steps and locations can end up dragging the process out for weeks or months without success.

With our extensive knowledge and experience, Sovereign assists clients in obtaining a resident visa and other corporate PRO services in Dubai, both on the mainland and in the majority of free zones.

Our consultants have extensive knowledge of PRO services and the ever-changing rules in Dubai and free zones. We are also familiar with the formalities and needs of the majority of government agencies.

In addition to processing residency visas, our other PRO services include:

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01 Visas for Dependents (Spouse, Kids, Maid, and Driver Visas)

02 Renewal of Residency Visas

03 Cancellation of Residency Visas

04 Trade License Renewals (Renewal Reminder Service as well)

05 Amendments in the License

06 Setting up company P.O.Boxes and Renewals

07 Notarization and Attestation of Documents

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Ongoing Monitoring and Support

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