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What Is WPS?

WPS Services or Wages Protection System is an electronic payment transfer system created by the UAE Central Bank that connects all registered firms and commercial organizations in the UAE with the UAE Ministry of Labor. This provides a consolidated mechanism for the recording and protection of private sector employees’ salary transfers. Through this tightly regulated and coordinated electronic wage transfer, all private-sector employees are assured of receiving their agreed-upon salaries in full and on schedule.

WPS Services in UAE

Profit from having a flawless payroll system and WPS assistance in UAE for your company. Numerous advantages accompany the use of Merak Tax Consultant.

Implement the top services in the Middle East into your company immediately.

By selecting Merak Tax Consultant for your WPS services, you can ensure the following:

  •         Easy and Simple Registration & Documentation Process
  •         Quick Registration
  •         Quick and Secure Salary Processing
  •         Continual Support from Expert & Experienced Staff
  •         Deposit Salary Payments at Convenient Branches Throughout Sharja
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